Niki Gianni

Dr. Niki Gianni


Dr. Niki, originally from Wrigleyville, attended DePaul University for her biology degree and then received her veterinary degree from the University of Illinois. She has worked in two Chicago animal shelters and volunteered for four trips to Native American reservations, providing vet care to communities most in need. Dr. Niki has also helped out at a manatee rescue in Belize! Her professional interests include dentistry, exotic pets, and ophthalmology. 

Her hobbies outside of the clinic include listening to podcasts, doing puzzles, and promoting environmental conservation. She has three shelter pets – two rats (pictured is “Freddie”) and a dog, but has fostered just about every species of companion animal at some point!

Fun facts about Dr. Niki:

What’s your favorite pizza topping? Lots of veggies!

What was your first car? Honda Accord

What’s your hidden talent? Drawing animals